Gregory S. Jones is the publisher of the Proliferation Matters website.  Mr. Jones has served as a defense policy analyst for the past 49 years.  Over the course of his career, a major emphasis of his work has been the study of the potential for terrorists as well as countries to acquire and use nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological weapons, and the formulation of policies and actions to control and counter these weapons. 

In May 1974, India’s “peaceful nuclear explosion” steered his research into the areas of nonproliferation and counterproliferation.  Working at Pan Heuristics under the direction of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter, he was heavily involved in the studies which helped formulate the Ford-Carter nonproliferation policies.  It was this work that first explicated the dangers of enrichment and reprocessing technologies.  This research also prompted the U.S. government to reveal the weapons usability of reactor-grade plutonium. 

In the following decades he paid close attention to the nuclear developments in India and Pakistan and he is the author of several reports on potential development paths for India's and Pakistan's nuclear forces.  He has analyzed North Korea's ability to produce nuclear weapons and calculated the military effects of possible North Korean nuclear use.  In the context of a possible fissile material cutoff treaty, he has estimated the potential size of the nuclear material stockpiles of Pakistan, India, North Korea, South Africa, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Iran and Iraq.   

Since 2008 he has written over 25 papers and articles as well as testified before Congress chronicling the progress of Iran’s nuclear program and detailing how Iran could easily acquire nuclear weapons via its centrifuge enrichment program and its so-called research reactor. 

He is the author of the book Reactor-Grade Plutonium and Nuclear Weapons: Exploding the Myths, a coauthor of the book Swords from Plowshares, as well as the author or coauthor of over one hundred reports and articles. 

He has been a staff member at the RAND Corporation and is still a RAND consultant.  He was also a senior researcher at the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center.  This site is not affiliated with RAND, NPEC or any other organization and the analysis and views expressed here are solely his own.